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We've been coming to this great place for many years. March and October are our times. We come to escape the fast pace at home and enjoy the peace and quiet here. We are never disappointed! Promiseland is our favorite cabin for many reasons- listening to the creek at night is better than a sleeping pill. We do not miss the phone or TV. We love the hiking. One of the most memorable experiences-we watched a bear swim across the Delaware while we were in the canoe (at a respectable distance) We will continue to visit the tree farm and always look forward to seeing Jane and John and thank you for past and future memories.
- Ed and Karol, Toy, NJ
March 16, 2008
It was our first time here and we really loved it. We came to celebrate Evan's birthday. We especially liked hiking all the trails here. I think that our absolute favorite thing was that there is no cell phone service. We really enjoyed the privacy.
- Evan and Michelle, Allentown PA
March 19, 2008
Just came to relax! This was our second visit to Sylvania- but our first time staying at Promiseland- we loved it. The highlight was the waterfall off the blue trail. This is one of the most relaxing places to be and we look forward to our next visit.
- Patrick and Tanya Woodbury, NJ
March 22, 2008
This was our first visit and hopefully not our last. We had a wonderful, relaxing time. The cabin was great especially being next to the babbling creek. It was everything we expected and more. The hiking and wildlife was great. Hope to visit again in the near future.
- The Hobarts, North East, MD
April 13, 2008
The absolute worst thing about this place is -having to leave. Sylvania is a gentle dream- an escape from a harsh reality known as Philadelphia. It's our second trip here- Hermitage was beautiful and what we needed at the time but Promiseland was exactly what we needed this time. The serenades of the frogs in the evening and the sound of the brook was just what we needed. Thank you for having us!
- John & Jane Smith, Anytown USA
April 20, 2008
Today is our third wedding anniversary and Vincent says his favorite so far. (Last year was Rome, Italy!) Promiseland is so lovely and everything was perfect for out stay. Yesterday we canoed up and down the Delaware and earlier this week we hiked the trails. John and Jane have created a haven for us city people- Thank God. Just can't get enough of the babbling brook and the frogs at night- pure tranquility.
- Vincent and Elise- New York City
April 23, 2008
Our 10th anniversary! Love this place! My husband surprised me. He searched all over and thought this place looked like the best. So he told me that for our 10th anniversary he was going to take me to the "Promiseland" he meant it! This is one of the best places I have ever been to. No cell phone, the hot tub, fireplace, babbling brook, hiking, fishing- everything I want. Having a grilled dinner and some wine and then sit in the hot tub and listen to the brook while watching the stars is the most enjoyable and relaxing thing in the world. We will be back!
- Stacey and Curt- Staten Island, NY
April 25, 2008
The Sylvania Tree Farm has been a very special place for us since we first came here. Each year we look forward to returning here and spending some time in this magical place.
- Bobbi and Ray, FL/CT
June 19, 2008
If there were only a way to can sweet smells of soil and earth, the birds chirping, the water gurgling as it rolls over the rocks... I'd buy a lifetime supply. It takes a lot for NYers to unwind, let me tell you and this is just the place that switches your frame of mind to do it. Its just heavenly- from the comforts of the cabin to the cool dips in the river and creek and just swinging mindlessly in the hammock. Thank you for opening your history and home to us and countless others. We had some great memories and sad to leave. I am sure we will return as the Brooklyn air will chase us right back up to the Promiseland.
- Michele, Judy and Will, Brooklyn, NY
July 13, 2008
Why not break up a trip from Philly to Boston with a brief stay in a quaint cabin? The stars aligned and we found Promiseland- far surpassing our initial intentions. Funny how that works. We can't get the lyrics of a favorite Grateful Dead tune out of our heads... "Listen to the river sing sweet songs..." it lulled us to sleep and woke us with anticipation. A morning hike from the high rocky crags to the flat, fluid river allowed us to know this land. It is a part of us now and we will be back to learn more. Thank you to the McKay family for sharing such a special place.
- John and Sarah Ardmore, PA
October 29, 2008
Tom decided to bring me here as a Christmas surprise so we can spend some time together before I move to NYC to start a new job. What a relaxing and enjoyable time we had! We cooked big meals and exchanged gifts by the fire. We hiked up the red trail and could see the entire river valley. We drove to Narrowsburg and had delicious jumbo scallops! This is a beautiful place, covered in snow. Such a peaceful retreat from the mania of big city living. Thank you for letting us share in your land.
- Kelly and Tom, Brooklyn, NY and Phil, PA
December 28, 2008