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Thank you John and Jane! Your cabin offered us an escape from the everyday demands of life back home. We loved the quiet and privacy! The hiking was awesome- our favorite spots were Ned's Nest with its spectacular view of the Mast Hope Brook. The trail to the old cemetery was so cool as we tried to piece together the lineage. Although we had seen pictures of Sylvania Tree Farm and Brookside on the web site, photos simply could not do it justice. We loved the airy open layout, as well as the thoughtful little touches such as the candles by the Jacuzzi and a fire already to light in the hearth. We had intended to go out to dinner Saturday night but found we could not tear ourselves away. We did go to Honesdale where we found a great place for NY style pizza (Papas 627 Main St) which we brought back and ate by the fire. We made memories here we will cherish for the rest of our lives!
- Theresa and Frank
March 15, 2008
I read an article in one of my nursing magazines about Sylvania Tree Farm. The author had stayed here and wrote about how wonderful it was and how it was a great place to unwind and relax. We had traveled a lot but somehow we never stayed in the mountains- so after the article we decided to see for ourselves Sylvania Tree Farm. Brookside exceeded our expectations! We found it to be very cozy and charming and very clean! Our first afternoon here we walked to Ned's Nest- what a view! Our second day was very rainy but that didn't stop us. We donned our rainwear and boots and walked the River trail and up to the Blue trail. Our only regret is that our stay was only two nights. This place is at the top of our list for a quick get -away. We will be back and definitely stay longer.
- Linda and Joe Quinn, Philadelphia PA
March 18, 2008
What a fantastic place! We both felt like we were on a second honeymoon. It's rare to find such warm personal hospitality. We've never had a vacation in which we did so little. The cozy cabin, the warm fire and the comforting stillness inspired us to just relax. Thank you!
- Jessica and Joel, Lancaster, PA
March 23, 2008
What an amazing place. This was our first trip together and I was a little nervous that Jaclyn was not going to like it. We both fell in love with the place as soon as we walked through the door. The views the smells and the sounds all made for an unforgettable experience. We hope to return soon and maybe do a little more exploring then we did this time. This will definitely be something that we remember and cherish for a long time. Thank you for being so hospitable and allowing us to stay and extra day because we really did not want to leave.
- Damien and Jaclyn, South Jersey
March 27, 2008
This must be the fourth time back! I found this piece of paradise while searching the internet. I spent my childhood in Hawley so it brings back so many fond memories. Every stay is so relaxing and beautiful. We will forever come back year after year.
- Karlene and Scott, Horsham, PA
April 20, 2008
We are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary and after spending a weekend at this beautiful place we would like to make this our "anniversary spot". Between picnics on the river, hikes in the woods and wine in front of the fire we were truly able to relax and enjoy each other. The cabin and its views are absolutely amazing. Waking up to cheerful sunshine and the sounds of the brook was so refreshing. You have made this place so comfortable and peaceful. It's rare to find such hospitality. Besides relaxing we did many of the trails with spectacular views and wildlife sightings. Thank you so much for everything. We will be back!
- Hetti and Terry, Wilmington, DE
May 9, 2008
Dear Jane and John Thank you for sharing with us all the beauty and tranquility that your land offers. This was such a wonderful get away for us. Brookside was much more than we expected. The personal touches here are amazing. We look forward to our next rip and many more to come. As we were packing to leave two Bucks came right up to the cabin as if to say good-by. What more could we ask for!
- Michele and Joe Harris, Howell, NJ
May 13, 2008
This is our first trip to the US - we have had such a fantastic time. We loved the forests, river, bird and wildlife- and your warm welcome. Hope to see you again.
- Ian and Clair, UK
May 31, 2008
Brookside was it! We had searched around this area (via internet) seeking the perfect honeymoon site for a fisherman and his new nature loving wife... We found everything we were looking for and more in this place. Every detail feels so authentic and carefully planned. The steady sound of the stream is a reminder to SLOW down and appreciate what the McKay's have created. We caught fish and ate it for dinner. Feels so natural here- of course you have to leave to pick up eggs and bananas but you'll rush right back to Brookside asap... I know we will. Jane thanks for finding such a stylish way to combine modern comfort and tasteful antiques. The result is stunning.
- John and Jonina, Lancaster, PA
July 3, 2008
We had a wonderful time again! We came first to the Tree farm two years ago, stayed in the Turtleshell cabin and then Hermitage and now Brookside! We walked all the trails and enjoyed nature, animals and scenery. It is very relaxing, peaceful and romantic. Jane you are a perfect host. See you soon. Thank you!
- Alexandra and Serban, Jersey City
July 4, 2008
Thank you so much! Darren and I had a wonderful time. We are both so sad to leave. The cabin is truly outstanding! You and John go above and beyond with everything you have to offer. Thanks so much for the rides. Kayaking was unbelievable- just drifting and catching small mouth bass as we went along. You are blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Hope to see you soon!
- Lisa and Darren Franklin, Township, NJ
July 20, 2008
Jane and John, You were right- Brookside is exactly what we needed. This cabin and property are just stunning. Thank you for being the stewards of this special place and sharing it with guests.
- Mair and Dave Cole
August 6, 2008
We loved it and just didn't get enough- so we'll be back!
- Honeymooners Randy and Jill, Watson, GA
September 8, 2008
Dear Jane and John, Your hospitality exceeds any five star hotel we've been in. We enjoyed having breakfast by the fire every morning, hiking, canoeing, watching the deer come up to the campfire in the evening, taking afternoon naps to the sound of the creek rolling by. We enjoyed your property so much we had to stay an extra night. We would like to share this experience and serenity with family next year.
- Rodger and Suzanne Spooner, Beloit, Ohio
October 5, 2008
After looking all over for a relaxing place for our honeymoon we are blessed that this is the place we ended up with. The stunning view, babbling brook outside out door, cozy fireplace and great hospitality will be bring us back for sure. Thanks to the McKay's.
- Jeremy and Tamara, Dallas, Texas
October 21, 2008
Dear Jane Although it was all too short our stay was absolutely delightful! It was such a welcome change not to hear the phones ringing. We hiked the red trail yesterday and the view is indescribable. Who knew that traveling down a dirt road would lead to such beauty and peace. Being able to lie in bed and look out the windows and see the trees and hear the brook is a blessing. Thank you so much and already planning our second trip.
- Jenn and Steve, Trenton, NJ
November 2, 2008
I came here about ten years ago and stayed at the "Promiseland" cabin across the creek. I never forgot what a great time I had with my family. When Jeff and I started to plan our honeymoon I thought this would be the perfect place. The cabin is an ideal place to just stay and enjoy time together and so romantic. We played a round of golf at Woodloch which is an amazing course. We hiked the trails and brought picnics of wine and cheese. We loved the wildlife all around the cabin. This will continue to be a retreat of celebration for us. Thank you so much!
- Joyce and Jeff Edwards, Doylestown, PA
November 6, 2008
Feel very fortunate to have chosen this spot to celebrate our 25th anniversary and hope it doesn't take us another 25 years to return as we thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Hope that all of the honeymooners that follow us here are as lucky and blessed as we have been!
- Michelle and Rick, Pottsville, PA
December 1, 2008
Our visit to Brookside exceeded our expectations! The extra touches, the decor and cleanliness made a wonderful visit. We plan to tell friends and family of our experience and really quite a value! Look forward to our return.
- Rich and Nancy, Staten Island, NY
December 17, 2008
One of the many special things about this place is the way it makes us feel at home, as if it were our own private piece of heaven. This is our fourth glorious visit to Sylvania and our third stay at Brookside, and the soothing wondrous effects of this place remain ever present. Thank you for sharing this land, this house, this river and these woods- we never want to leave - we will return again and again.
- Ali and Phil, Sunnyside, NY
January 4, 2009
A much much needed break. We love this place and it gives us the space and time together we so needed to rest and catch up with each other. Thank you!
- Charlotte and Richard, NYC
February 3, 2009
Jane and John- what can we say? This is our 4th visit to Sylvania Tree Farm and all four stays at the Brookside, we absolutely love it here. This weekend will be forever remembered by us as we got engaged! Thanks for the hospitality as always and for sharing your little slice of heaven with us.
- Amy and Ray, Blackwood, NJ
February 27, 2009
Itís the morning of our departure from Brookside. The rain is coming down hard and has turned the brook into a raging torrent of water. The ice islands that were here on Friday have disappeared and there is a foggy mist hanging in the air. Sounds awful but in some way it is beautiful. On Friday a small hear of deer and turkeys greeted us. They were waiting for Jane to bring them their corn. Saturday was sunny and cloudless and we walked the Nedís Nest trail. We pretty much stayed here and enjoyed the fireplace. A short drive to Narrowsburg was enjoyable. On a walk to the river Sunday we saw a pair of eagles. Brookside was a great place to spend our anniversary. It is decorated so tastefully and so clean and best of all away from it all. Hope to be back soon!
- Joe and Rosanna, Audubon. PA
January 25, 2010
Jane, what can we say, but wow! After two days of internet searching for a get away retreat for my husband and meÖ Iím so glad to have stumbled upon your web site. I had almost gave up looking until I saw the pictures on your site. I had my heart set on a cottage as I did not want a hotel and wanted privacy that you canít get at a bed and breakfast. I did not expect such a spectacular setting and pristine accommodations. We felt truly spoiled. Itís peaceful, quaint, rugged and private. We loved the hiking here and site seeing in Narrowsburg. We got to spot eagles and the deer and turkeys right outside the cabin each morning. Thanks for all the little touches like having the fire ready to light. What a pleasure meeting you. See you soon!
- Kyle and Natalie Stoltzfus, Lancaster County, PA
March 5, 2010
We thoroughly enjoyed every moment and really had no need to go anywhere else. We valued the time together, to reconnect and appreciate all that is right here at the tree farm. .. peace, quiet, rest, exercise, great hikes, beautiful brook and great setting for romance. Twenty five years of marriage and I am sure we will be back.
- Steve and Jennifer, CT
April 26, 2010
What a great way to spend a 20 year anniversary! Amazing hidden gem of a place. We are going to make this a yearly tradition.
- Brad and Sandy Wilson, Millerton, PA
May 9, 2010
Wow! What a place. We came to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and couldnít have found a better place. Mike made all the plans and I just had to show up. We are so busy with life that to find a place that gets rid of all that for a brief time was wonderful. No cell phones, no blackberries, computers or kids that I may have heard myself think again. Thank you so much for the wonderful stay and allowing me this time with my best friend. Canít wait to come back.
- Aimee and Mike Barton Lawrenceville, PA
June 20, 2010
Our fourth trip to Sylvania tree farm and the most memorable of all! We got engaged up on the top of the red trail!! We saw Dave Matthews in concert at Bethel Woods which was amazing. We love it here so much.
- Ashley and Carmine, Lake Grove NY
July 15, 2010
This was our first visit to Sylvania- we love it here. Brookside is a perfect couples get away. So idyllic, the brook soothed us to sleep. It is obvious how much thought, care, hard work and attention has gone into this cottage and tree farm! We recommend the red trail for hiker enthusiasts. Itís a challenge and so worth it. the view was spectacular.! Our visit was too short and there is more weíd like to take advantage of. We grilled the first night and went to Settlers Inn the second night which was delicious. We truly loved it and are already counting the days till we can return.
- Ward and Becca Pennsburg, PA
July 25, 2010
Dear Jane and John, What a gorgeous setting and the open lay-out and views are amazing from this cabin. The constant sound of the water running in the brook was extremely relaxing. We hiked the blue trail and Corrilla trail. On the blue trail we saw several deer and visited the old cemetery. We rented kayaks and floated down the Delaware from Skinners Falls. We toured and loved the local towns of Honesdale , Hawley and Narrowsburg. Home in St Louis the temperature now ranges in high 90 to 100 degrees so we enjoyed the cooler temperature here. We took advantage of the time to read, play cards and even nap which rarely happens at home. From the cabin we viewed twin fawns and mother doe in the brook cooling off. Our last day we traveled through Lackawaxen, Barryville and spent all day at Bethel Woods Museum Ė the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival- it is most worthwhile! Jane and Pam made our stay extremely the best experience possible. We are most grateful for a fabulous and much needed vacation at Sylvania tree farm.
- Alan and Kathy Nagel (The first Missouri guests) The Show- Me State
August 16, 2010
Our time spent here is one we always look forward too. We come every year to reconnect and recharge ourselves. We just love it here.
- The Dickinsonís, Woodbine, NJ
September 10, 2010
John and Jane, Just delightful! An oasis of relaxation and comfort. The canoeing was fun and the hiking great. Loved Honesdale- hope to come back to the Tree Farm and Brookside soon.
- Paul and Shirley Doyle, Jacksonsville, FL
September 30, 2010
We needed a weekend away from life and to celebrate my 27th birthday. We drove up in the pouring rain from NYC and as we approached Lackawaxen the sun came out. The rain turned the brook outside into what looked like class 4 rapids. The fresh air, sound of the rushing brook and beautiful house made for the best weekend of our lives. We want to get married here! Weíre definitely coming back and to escape from cell phones, internet and noise and to sit by the fire under the stars and fall in love all over again. Thank you Jane and John for everything.
- Bex and Bobby Brooklyn NY and Fairfield CT
October 3, 2010
What a beautiful and wonderful place to relax. There is nothing like the sound of the brook outside our cabin. This cabin is fantastic and loved sitting by the fire. We took the trail to the river and enjoyed the sights and smell of autumn.
- Brad and Lynette Holman, Fort Atkinson, WI
October 30, 2010
A nice long weekend for this visit back to Brookside. Loved seeing the Bald Eagles along the River trail!
- Debbie and Chuck Robinson, Manasquan, NJ
November 28, 2010
So much to share Ė what an awesome experience! My husband surprised me with this trip to ďa cottage in the woods.Ē I was surprised and awestruck with Brookside. The tranquil, relaxing atmosphere is what we needed. This was our daughters first Christmas. Victoria fell asleep each time we bundled her up and traveled outside the cabin- quiet, crisp air and sound of the brook and enjoying what God created- it was a perfect Christmas. Thank you for making such an enjoyable stay for us.
- Darian, Tamika and Victoria, New Castle, Delaware
December 26, 2010
Our second consecutive New Years at Brookside. It gets harder to leave. This time we visited the Shohola Falls and Raymondskill Falls and were so beautiful with snow and ice. Of course we will be back Ė thank you Jane and John for making it a perfect way to start the New Year.
- Ernie and Michelle, Cape May, NJ
January 2, 2011